Bintuni Soil Impact Study

Soil conditions greatly influence the regeneration of mangrove forests. It is therefore important to understand how sediment nutrient concentrations change during the 30-year harvest rotation and what sediment conditions are optimal for either planting or natural forest regeneration in the PT BUMWI concession.

A team formed by a Fullbright Scholar, PT. BUMWI, Green Forest Product and Tech. Pte. Ltd., and Universitas Diponegoro students, extracted soil samples from established forest survey transects in different age secondary and primary stands. The soil from up to 1m depth was then analysed for its composition, pH, salinity and carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus concentrations, considered important for mangrove regrowth.

Results show that soil nutrient concentrations recover within the 30-year rotation post harvest in Bintuni Bay and that salinity acts as a important limiting factor for forest structure.


Expected Publication Date: End of 2019