Macrobenthos Survey

In 2017, a joint team from PT. BUMWI and Green Forest Product & Tech. Pte. Ltd., was formed to carry out a macrobenthos survey (fauna that live on the seabed, such as crabs and molluscs) in Bintuni Bay mangrove concession. The team was trained beforehand by a macrobenthos specialist from the Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research, appointed by the WWF, PT. BUMWI’s technical advisor for FSC®.

The objective of the survey was to first identify macrobenthos species, then observe the effects of forestry operations on macrobenthos, and its population dynamics in secondary forests of different age. Macrobenthos samples were taken in already established secondary and primary forest plots around the concession. The study will further look into how forest structure and soil conditions influence the macrobenthos communities in Bintuni Bay (West Papua).

Preliminary results show that there are over 30 species of crabs and 12 species of molluscs in the concession, some of which have been historically recorded only once. The impact of forestry operations will be published at later date.

Expected Publication Date: April-May 2019