Heart of Sustainability

Our vision is to be a profitable company dedicated to Sustainable Forest Management and Cultivation that benefits the regional economy while ensuring positive impact to surrounding ecosystems and societies.

The company’s activities aim to fulfill the environmental, economic and social components of sustainability.

Macrobenthos Survey

As part of an EIA, macrobenthos communities were surveyed in 2017 to estimate the impact of forestry operations in the PT. BUMWI concession (one of Green Forest’s suppliers)....More

Bintuni Soil Impact Study

The impact of forestry operations on the mangrove soil was observed in different aged forest stands of the PT BUMWI’s mangrove concession. Soil sample analysis indicate a successful recovery....More

Allometry Study

To improve volume and harvest estimations in mangrove concessions, allometries for 3 target mangrove species are being currently calculated. Results include new wood density estimations and volume predictions....More

Published Studies

Find published studies carried out in our supplier concessions here......More