Semarang Seminar: Discussing Mangrove Rehabilitation Research (June 2016)

During a mangrove seminar organized by KeSEMat in Semarang, Indonesia,  the company’s R&D Manager, Mr. Mériadec Sillanpää  discusses about mangrove rehabilitation and silviculture in a panel discussion with other members of the industry. Various NGOs, and members of KeSEMat, a  student organisation under the Department of Marine Sciences of Diponegoro University (Semarang, Indonesia), also participated. The organization concentrates on projects involving mangrove rehabilitation, sustainable utilization and management in Indonesia. Read more about them here.

Kesemat Mangrover (2016, 1 June). Jajaki Kerjasama, Peneliti Green Forest Product Singapura Kunjungi Kantor KeSEMaT. Mengenal hutan mangrove. Retrieved from: